Sunday, 25 April 2010

Something of a change of tack at church this morning.

Earlier in the week we met with Juliet Kilpin of Urban Expression to begin to explore how we might 'walk together.' This was a very early conversation, a long way from anything concrete at this stage. But we seemed to understand each other.

One of the things which Juliet picked up on was how tired Clare and I are. She suggested that instead of "doing full-blown church" every Sunday, we look at alternative patterns of gathering. She also gave us copies of a booklet UE have produced called "Praying Our Values" which explores - over a cycle of 31 days - the values behind UE.

So this morning we looked at the first value:
"We believe that, in Jesus, God is revealed locally, and that we should be committed to our local community or relational network and active members of it."

Using Google Earth, we soared over Openshaw, looking at the changes which have already happened in our community (although Google still have Mersey Street standing!).

We then focussed our discussion on one place in the community in particular which Clare, Joan and I visited on Friday. We are trying hard not to get too excited about it - we've had so many hopes dashed already, but it does look very promising.

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