Monday, 19 April 2010

I Dream of a Church

Several people asked me during the last Baptist Union Council for the words of a song I chose for the closing worship on the Monday evening. Needless to say I can't remember exactly who I promised to send the link to so I thought I'd post it here instead!

The song was Kate Compston's, "I dream of a church" which I don't want to reproduce without permission but it can be found here . As far as I can work out they have permission to publish the song.


  1. Thanks Clare. It's a great poem.

  2. Hi Clare,
    I am sure that you know this hymn is published in the book 'God is Good, God is truth, God is beauty, Praise Him' published by Kevin Mayhew in 2005. The hymn is listed in HymnQuest (how I found this information) but the words are 'not yet available.' The words are lovely and I seem to recall singing it somewhere along the line