Friday, 23 April 2010


Plenty more files uploaded to Dancing Scarecrow again today! Two days running. This must be some kind of record.
It was great to receive an email out of the blue from Mark Woods, Editor of the Baptist Times attaching one of his hymns for publication on Dancing Scarecrow. It's taken me a few weeks to get it uploaded, but I've started a separate "Friends" page. So if any of you are sitting on any worship materials which you think would fit in with the ethos of Dancing Scarecrow, please do get in touch. I should warn you upfront that there is no money involved. Sorry!


  1. What, you aren't going to charge us for the privlege of inclusion? You're missing a trick there Tim!

    Are you going to be in Plymouth? I feel I have an overdue commitment to pass you some dosh and there would be easy!

  2. While dosh is always nice, I think a coffee or glass of wine is more important.

    Yes, we'll be there. Let's meet up.

  3. Sounds good - might not make ANY seminars at this rate!! If nothing else, see you at the NBLC lunch