Sunday, 2 June 2013

And the Word was…

I know that for the last couple of years, there has been a considerable delay in publishing material on Dancing Scarecrow. I really am trying to do something about that. But last week Angie and Dave Tunstall came round for a eucharist meal and Clare and I wrote was has rapidly become my favourite eucharistic prayer. It started as an exploration of our methodology and ended up as a very silly, deeply serious theopoetic exploration of the relationship between liturgy, language and God. So I've allowed it to jump the queue.

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Losing the will to live

Don't say I never do anything for you…

I've just spent almost three hours checking all the links on Dancing Scarecrow and making sure they work. I haven't finished yet - I started with the Dancing Stories, then checked through all the Genre, Theme and Season links. The Church Year links need a lot of work - I am aware that some of the pages haven't even been finished yet - and I do need to check all the rest. But quite honestly, I'm losing the will to live now, so I'm going to go and have my tea.

Oh, there are half a dozen new prayers as well, including one by Clive Roberts which has been waiting almost 18 months to be published. Sorry Clive.

Friday, 24 May 2013


This afternoon, Clare and I have written perhaps our most off the wall eucharist yet. It will go up on Dancing Scarecrow in the next few days, when I have worked out how on earth to explain it. In the course of researching it, I discovered that there is a term to describe what we are trying to do with Dancing Scarecrow—theopoetics.

Anyway, in the half hour before starting to make tea, I offer you half a dozen new prayers as well.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

New Prayers

One of the advantages of long train journeys is supposed to be that you have the opportunity to get on with some work. On the way back from the UE Teams Day in Bristol this week, I have so far had to change seats four times - and change trains once. I am typing this with my left arm wedged behind the back of the guy next to me. My knees are somewhere up around my navel and my right arm has gone to sleep.
In spite of this I have actually managed to upload another twenty prayers or so to I've also created a "What's New?" page so that those of you who regularly use Dancing Scarecrow can easily find the alterations.
We have noticed that there are a number of links which seem to have got confused in moving the website from one computer to another to another. If you do come across a link which doesn't work, do, please, let us know so we (OK, I - Clare has never yet actually done any mechanics on the website ;-)) can fix it.