Sunday, 17 March 2013

New Prayers

One of the advantages of long train journeys is supposed to be that you have the opportunity to get on with some work. On the way back from the UE Teams Day in Bristol this week, I have so far had to change seats four times - and change trains once. I am typing this with my left arm wedged behind the back of the guy next to me. My knees are somewhere up around my navel and my right arm has gone to sleep.
In spite of this I have actually managed to upload another twenty prayers or so to I've also created a "What's New?" page so that those of you who regularly use Dancing Scarecrow can easily find the alterations.
We have noticed that there are a number of links which seem to have got confused in moving the website from one computer to another to another. If you do come across a link which doesn't work, do, please, let us know so we (OK, I - Clare has never yet actually done any mechanics on the website ;-)) can fix it.

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