Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Not Dead Yet

Shamefully, it is almost a year since we posted anything to this blog - which probably means we haven't put anything new on Dancing Scarecrow in that time either.
But we haven't been sitting around doing nothing. In that time, as well as continuing our "Have Congregation, Will Travel" we have also started a monthly "Stories and Songs" session (for which we are very grateful to have received a grant from TrustGreenbelt) in the local SureStart Centre.
This month - usually it's the first Sunday of the month, if you want to come along - we looked at the theme of Pentecost - the Holy Spirit who brings peace and unites us.
Graham, Deborah and Rachel put together this amazing shadow play to tell the story of Sadako and the Peace Cranes.

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  1. Hellooooo!

    Good timing... it's high time I sent my annual "Home Mission" donation to you. And still hoping to travel you to Bonny Scotland at some point...

    Can you email me the bank details (yet again!) and I'll do an e-transfer or send you a cheque, whichever is easier.