Sunday, 23 May 2010


For a few weeks we are simplifying our Sunday worship. We are working through Urban Expression's book of Values - but today decided to watch this year's BUGB Home Mission video, Making Peace.

What a refreshing change. In previous years, all too often, there has been a focus on 'good news.' Churches which receive a Home Mission grant are usually depicted as being 'successful,' with a focus on lots of people being baptised and coming to faith.

This year the video focuses on the way in which churches are supported to engage with the difficult - and overtly political - issues which affect the whole of our society. From the point of view of Abbey Road Baptist Church in Barrow - in the shadow of the shipyard which builds Trident submarines, the video explores the way in which individual churches can feed into the debates and discussions which lead to Baptist Union Council's pronouncements on such issues.

In the light of the recent furore over whether BUC has the 'right' to speak out and affirm women in ministry (as it has done), the video is both sensitive and timely.

Many thanks to all those involved in making the video. One church, at least, has had its worship enlivened as a result!

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