Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Jericho's Backyard

As I was hanging the washing out this morning, listening to the incessant beeping from a smoke detector in one of the part-demolished houses - it has been going off for over a week now - I realised that I had never got round to putting any pictures of the demolitions on the web.

So I have created another blog. Beth has set the church camera up in her bedroom and we have taken a picture every day - we're three weeks behind already, but I'll catch up soon.

You can find it at Jericho's Backyard - or you can click on the title of this post. If you want to view all the pictures as a slideshow, they're on my Picasa site. Eventually, I'll stitch all the pictures together to create a time-lapse movie of the demolition process.


  1. Great idea. I have hundreds of photos marking the demise of Dibley Baptist Church (the Google Street View phot can be dated quite accurately from my records!).

    It's bizarre isn't it, watching demolition: seeing someone's carefully selected wallpaper torn asunder, seeing the forgotten object defiantly refuse to budge until the final moment, hearing that incessant 'beep' of the abandoned smoke alarm and the reversing horn of cranes and lorries.

    Bittersweet somehow. Precious memories and a reminder of our own transcience.

  2. hey never mind the photos of demolition who is that handsome bloke @ Prism pictured on p5 of the BT

  3. Hee hee, he really has gone mainstream (small 'm')now!