Friday, 8 May 2009

Going Live

Well, we've finally got Dancing Scarecrow up and running. So far there are only a couple of dozen prayers up there, but at least it'll give you a taste of what we're doing. Click the Title of this entry - or type into your browser.

We've got several hundred more, so be sure to check back regularly. And if you like what we do, tell your friends.


  1. Tim and Clare
    I've added a link to real life worship blog. I think we'll be a little slow getting going ... glad to see you're up and running.

  2. Here's the hymn about Jesus in kitchen


  3. Welcome to the world of blogs 'n' things! Your new website looks great and I'm looking forward to watching it develop and borrowing ideas from it. Go Clare 'n' Tim/Tim 'n' Clare/Dancing Scarecrow!

  4. Wayhey good to see the scarecrow up and running ... now there's an image that will plague my dreams tonight. This is all very exciting ... looking forward to seeing how things unfold ... and hope the Council suddenly discover the right thing to do (without paperwork!).