Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Embracing Eleanor

Well, here goes - my first ever blog post if that's the correct term - isn't life exciting! 

Yesterday we turned Tim's office into an impromptu recording studio with the help of a laptop and the microphone borrowed from the children's Guitar Hero game. At one point Tim even donned large black headphones - so Stuart Maconie watch out! It was rather frustrating as we were very conscious of the traffic thundering up and down the old road,  with the inevitable police sirens, buses stopping and drivers who think they are in the Grand Prix. Tim's phone beeped and we collapsed into a heap of giggles. In the end we decided to leave the noise of the background traffic in, justifying it as part of our context (and we couldn't find a way to erase it).

Oh, yes, what were we doing playing at being DJ's in Tim's office? Tim and I decided to have a go at creating a podcast of a poetic paper we delivered at a Baptists Doing Theology in Context conference last summer, which several people have kindly requested that we make more widely available. The paper is called Embracing Eleanor: A Response the the Baptist Apology for Slavery.  You will though be glad to know that we haven't bothered to read out all the footnotes at the end - for those that are sad enough to be bothered we'll put the paper on the website in written form. 

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