Sunday, 19 December 2010

What is Worship? - Part Two

So, for the second year running we have failed to make it to Hawkshead Hill for our pre-Christmas celebration.
This year, however, we were prepared. We didn't even set out - the M61 and M6 having been closed for much of yesterday. Instead, we arranged with HHBC that we would do a video link during their service.
Amazingly, the technology worked perfectly.
We gathered at 10.30, had a cup of tea and had just started singing some carols when Kath called us. We had the computer plugged in to the TV, so the picture was more than visible, although one or two friends (Patsy & Mike) fell off the edge of the screen.
We shared news and introduced one or two new friends, then Pauline read an Advent liturgy as she lit the fourth Advent Candle.
We were about to hang up, when Olwen suggested that we should sing a song together. Spontaneity is wonderful, but sometimes presents challenges. There was a slight time delay, which made singing "interesting" - and as we hadn't planned, we were using Rejoice and Sing, while HHBC were using Mission Praise, so words diverged at times!
But we all finished together - and we did feel that we had been able to share fellowship together.

Having separated, we carried on with some favourite carols. But having read Catriona's posts from today - and having the computer set up, we couldn't help but introduce the concept of Flash Mobbing by showing three videos:

For Olwen and David in particular, this opened up a whole new world to them and discussion which ensued revolved around the 'miracle' of technology. Felt like worship to me.

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