Sunday, 28 November 2010

Urban Expression Associates

A good day yesterday, Associating with other Urban Expression Associates in Birmingham.
Clare and I were asked to lead a workshop on worship in an urban context, based on Crumbs of Hope. So we took along the tiles as an example of the kind of thing we do. I think they were generally well received. If you would like to see them, click on the tile to the left. Personally, I recommend viewing them using the button.
As well of reading examples of our work and (hopefully) explaining some of the how and why of our writing, we also invited the groups to create their own, "Urban Expression" blessings, arising out of their journeys to Birmingham. It is wonderful how skilled people are at writing if only given the opportunity. Over the next couple of days, I'll get them all up onto Dancing Scarecrow, but for now, here is a taster:

The Sun still glares through the car windscreen, despite the dirt from the gritting lorries trying to block it out. May the light of Christ get through to you this week, despite the dirt in the world.

Sadly, no one wrote their names on the blessings, so we can't attribute copyright. If you want to use them, I suggest © Urban Expression, administered by Dancing Scarecrow 2010.

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