Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Have Congregation; Will Travel

A Word of Explanation

Dancing Scarecrow has rather been put on hold by the fact that Manchester City Council have finally got round Compulsorily Purchasing our church building. I wanted to use the word 'stealing' there, but realise that it would probably be libellous. I'm not sure, though, what you should call a legal process which deprives a church community of its property with only the promise that at some future date they will get round to compensating us.

However, it is clear that the British legal system has little to do with Justice! Manchester City Council now own our building although they are 'graciously' allowing us to continue using it for the next few weeks. We will have to hand over the keys by the end of July at the latest, despite the fact that at the moment we have not even received our surveyors and lawyers fees which they promised to pay up front. Let alone the compensation which they are due to pay us.

If I sound a little tired and jaded this evening, that is because I am feeling tired and jaded, having spent most of my - and Clare's - free time recently putting in place provision for our various projects to be housed elsewhere in the short/medium term.

However, in terms of worship - which after all is what this blog is supposed to be about - I think we have some exciting plans. One week per month, we will worship with the local URC with whom we have been working for over 20 years now. One or two weeks per month we will worship in my front room (as long as it is big enough). And the remaining time, it is a case of "have congregation, will travel."

If you have a small congregation that would like a few more to worship with you one Sunday: send us an invitation.

If you would like Clare and me to lead worship one week: send us an invitation and we'll bring the whole congregation.

If you would like to explore Godly Play - or poetic worship: send us an invitation and we'll bring the congregation.

If you are doing something which you think might interest us: send us an invitation.

Have Congregation; Will Travel


  1. Its a bit too far to come to Cardiff but we shall be remembering you both ( and the mobile flock) down here ... blessings of patience and energy

  2. Too far to Leicesterhsire too - but having lived a bit like this for over four years we appreciate your situation. Thinking of, and praying for, you,while looking at the footings that used to be our church...

  3. Our church building on the main street was compulsory purchased in the 1970's (yeah I'm THAT old). We became an itinerent fellowship worshipping in schools, a nissen hut and the council chamber that had pulled the rug from under our feet. Got our own back though - during church business meetings I doodled all over their blotting pads (and in the 70's boy could I doodle !). We were 'given' a new plot somewhat off the beaten track - they called it 'equivalent reinstatement'. The rubbish they built where our church stood is now demolished and our 'new' church building and congregation solidiers on. Ah...progress !